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Auto Accident

July 2021

KMW's client Jane Doe was involved in a motor vehicle crash in December of 2017.  The crash did not result in significant visible damage to her vehicle but was nevertheless a traumatic event for Ms. Doe.  The at-fault driver fled the scene and KMW had to pursue a claim against Ms. Doe's underinsured motorist insurance company.  The insurance company offered only $25,000 to resolve her case and fought for years before Ms. Doe sought the help of KMW.  Having taken on the responsibility of prosecuting Ms. Doe's case, the attorneys at KMW prepared for trial.  The parties were ordered by the Court to attend non-binding arbitration, an alternative dispute resolution process whereby the parties present the case to a neutral arbitrator for a decision on the merits.  KMW Attorney Christopher Kellam fought during arbitration to present Ms. Doe's case in the same way we would present at trial.  The neutral arbitrator sided with KMW's client and awarded more than $310,000 in personal injury damages.  The insurance company agreed to pay the arbitration award rather than proceeding to trial.  Ms. Doe can now pay her medical bills and will have the money to continue with the medical care and treatment she needs.

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Practice area(s): Car / Auto Accident

Court: Palm Beach

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