DUI and Nursing License

How a DUI Could Affect Your Nursing License

The Florida Board of Nursing governs and oversees the nursing license requirements. They are the governing body that has created the application process as well as the disciplinary process. If you have any type of professional nursing license, you have invested years and sacrificed enormously to obtain your nursing license. You should be proud that hard work resulted in this accomplishment.

Now that you have the nursing credentials, do not let a DUI arrest ruin what you have worked tirelessly to achieve. A DUI arrest is not a conviction. When you are arrested, you have not plead to anything, and there has not been a trial. An experienced DUI lawyer can help you avoid a DUI conviction. Give yourself the opportunity to avoid any impact on your nursing license. Call us for a free consultation.

Will you lose your nursing license with a DUI conviction?  Will a DUI conviction affect your nursing license?

It depends. When you have your nursing license, if you are convicted of any criminal offense, including a DUI conviction, you are required to report it to the Board of Nursing. The Board of Nursing evaluates these on a case-by-case basis. They will examine the aggravating and mitigating factors of the case.

If it is your first DUI, there is a good chance you can avoid the Board of Nursing suspending your license. 

If you're in school, will a DUI stop you from getting a nursing license?

As part of the application process for a nursing license, you will be required to disclose any records of any criminal history other than a minor traffic offense. A DUI is not considered a minor traffic offense. Therefore, any DUI must be disclosed on your application. 

The application for a nursing license also requires that you submit fingerprints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for a criminal background check. Even if criminal history is not disclosed on the application, the Board of Nursing is going to find any criminal history through the background check. 

The Board of Nursing has created criteria for specific offenses to be cleared in the board office, but these rules and criteria regularly change. Every offense is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

When you have a conviction for a DUI, you will be required to submit any final dispositions or arrest records; proof of completion of probation or parole, a self-explanation describing, in your own words, the circumstances of the offence; and professional letters of recommendation from 3-5 people you have worked with.

This makes it even more important to avoid a DUI conviction. Even though a DUI is a misdemeanor, the Board of Nursing highly scrutinizes this crime because it is a substance abuse related crime.  If you are able to successfully defend a DUI, then you will not have to report it on your application for your nursing license.

Our expertise and experience in handling DUI cases give you a competitive advantage in the court system. Do not risk handling you DUI case yourself when your nursing license is on the line. Call us now. We have three former prosecutors including a former DUI supervisor. We can help you in your time of need.

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