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Jupiter Car Accidents

Jupiter Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents can happen anywhere under a variety of circumstances and various weather conditions. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) studies these car accidents and has reported that regardless of the circumstances or weather conditions, the vast majority of car accidents occur within twenty-five (25) miles of the drivers' homes.  

The town of Jupiter is a family friendly community that is one of the fastest growing cities in Palm Beach County. Jupiter has become a hub for boating and water sports, dining on the water, major league baseball, and the iconic Jupiter lighthouse. All of these attractions have increased traffic and congestion along Indiantown Road and U.S. Highway 1. The increase in traffic leads to an increase in car accidents.

Jupiter, Florida, personal injury attorney
Jupiter, Florida

What is the difference if your car accident is in Jupiter?

The law does not change no matter where your car accident occurs in the state of Florida. However, there are some slight nuances that change depending on where your accident occur that your car accident lawyer should know. 

If your car accident occurred in Jupiter, then the responding police department to the scene of the accident will be either the Jupiter Police Department, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, or the Florida Highway Patrol. The difference between the responding police agency is important to know because each one has different video recording capabilities. For example, in some agencies all the officers have body worn cameras. These cameras capture the officer's interactions with witnesses, the scene of the accident and the location of the vehicles. Other agencies, such as the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, only have in car dash cameras in some patrol cars. Your attorney needs to request and preserve these videos. Any delay or hesitation can result in the videos being recorded over or lost by the police departments. Unfortunately, this tends to happen more frequently than it should.

Most of the car accidents in Jupiter will be investigated by the Jupiter Police Department. If your car accident lawyer knows and has a relationship with the local police department and officers, then the lawyers can openly speak with the officers about the case and their investigation. At Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh we are a Jupiter based law firm deep roots into the Jupiter community.  We are regularly involved in functions with the Jupiter Police Department and the Jupiter Police Foundation. Our community involvement has allowed our lawyers to get to know the Jupiter police officers and vice versa. 

Another slight difference of a car accident in Jupiter is where an injured party will be transported by ambulance. Except for traumatic injuries, injured parties will be transported to the Jupiter Medical Center. We regularly work with the Jupiter Medical Center and are familiar with their policies and procedures. This helps obtain your necessary medical records quicker. More importantly, if there is an issue with your medical bills from the Jupiter Medical Center, we know who to contact and how to handle these issues to maximize and recovery from your car accident. 

The other nuance of a Jupiter car accident is that if the at fault driver is cited by the police with a traffic ticket, any court hearing for the traffic ticket will occur at the Palm Beach Gardens Courthouse. Our law firm can closely monitor these hearings as the courthouse is just down the street from our Jupiter office. If the at fault driver contests the ticket and testifies, we can capture this testimony and use it to our advantage in the car accident case. 

Why should I hire a Jupiter car accident lawyer?

As discussed above there are nuances in your case that a Jupiter car accident lawyer will have a little more experience handling. The most important reason to hire a Jupiter car accident lawyer is because of their community involvement. We know where to go obtain surveillance videos. We know where there are dangerous intersections that contribute to car accidents. Any time you are involved in a legal dispute such as a car accident, you should want any advantage you can get in this adversarial process. The little advantages that a local Jupiter law firm can provide can be the difference maker in your case.

At Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh, we pride ourselves in being involved in the community and giving back. When we opened our law firm, our goal was to be the go-to law firm in Jupiter. We want to provide the best representation and fight for the rights of Jupiter residents. It is the individual residents that make up the Jupiter community. By helping individuals through their struggles and problems we are making the Jupiter community better and stronger. 

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